How Does myKryptofon/ParleySec Work?

myKryptofon/ParleySec provides easy to use U.S. government grade encryption and authentication for mobile devices and personal computers. Its unique protocols and features deliver the highest level of security for voice, chat, and file communications over mobile networks. No longer there is a need to be concerned about intruders recording voice or conference calls, watching internet messaging (IM), or capturing private file transfers. myKriptofon/ParleySec requires no expensive, dedicated network authentication, or support personnel. With a friendly intuitive easy to use user-interface, everybody can now communicate securely. The particular design of myKriptofon/ParleySec implements symmetric authentication and private keys, as opposed to asymmetric authentication and public/private authentication. These are both implementation options in the NSA Suite B Cryptographic Interoperability Strategy (CIS). As required by the CIS, a Diffie-Hellman exchange is implementation in the key exchange process.

  1. Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Grade VoIP Softphone to protect Voice, Conferencing, Chats, And File Transfers
  2. NIST Standard Level - AES 256 Bit Encryption
  3. NSA Suite B Level Of Authentication
  4. Multiple Factors of Authentication
  5. Complete End-To-End Encryption For Voice, Chat, File Transfers and Push-2-Talk
  6. Encrypted Conferencing Enabled
  7. Simple Self Service Key Management
  8. Multiple Keys For Different Groups Or Users
  9. Encryption Key Rotation – With Modulating Keys And Time Life Span
  10. Centralized Destruction/Disablement
  11. Cyber Counter Intelligence Ready
  12. Rogue Microphone and Speaker Detection
  13. Endpoint Diversity - operates on PCs and smartphones
  14. Operates On Wired, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Satellite BGAN, or any Internet connection
  15. Integrates With Your VoIP/SIP Servers, Or Ours, In A NOC Or Secure Cloud

myKriptofon/ParleySec allows for free calls over private and public Wi-Fi networks reducing/eliminating expensive national and international roaming.

How Does Kynetique Work?

Kynetique is a network appliance providing the highest level of network security available. It delivers industry leading Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Firewalls, and Unified Threat Management through a patented high performance operating system and dedicated deep packet inspection application. The design enables 100% deep level of packet data inspection and analysis operating at speeds of 100Mb for cloud computing execution, scaling from 1Gbps to 100Gbps for inter and intra network perimeter protection.

Enhances Performance
The immense bandwidth available on today’s corporate data networks place great demand on security software and appliances; requiring robust networking functionality and extreme high-performance. Built upon an optimized, feature-enhanced and performance-tuned distribution of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, Kynetique’s underlying operating system facilitates optimal performance gains to your security system.

Ensures 100% Packet Capture
Kynetique customizes the capabilities of best-of breed industry-standard hardware to fully support the wirespeed capabilities of network traffic-capture data-acquisition technology. Its accelerated network interface modules ensure a 100% packet or cell capture and that every packet is made available to the analysis of over 25,000 rules per packet. You’ll avoid the possibility of even one packet slipping through to cause possible damage.

Delivers High Availability
Kynetique was designed with high availability and continual operation in mind, from sourcing high performance components with proven reliability, through the provision of redundant hot-swappable power supplies and robust RAID array storage.

Maximizes Efficiency
Kynetique helps end the one server one application problem common in so many enterprises today. Most servers operate at less than 15% of capacity, yet still consume power and generate heat on a 24x7 basis. Kynetique consumes almost no machine resources or power in the absence of specific requests, allowing the datacenter to achieve higher levels of efficiency and utilization.

Integrates Easily
Based on an open-source operating system, Kynetique comes with a number of open-source tools that leverage our network packet-capturing technology and can easily be enabled by the system administrator. It’s not just a typical security appliance – it is highly tuned, computationally intensive ready, and has the ability to handle extreme high-speed sustained data-transfer rates right out of the box.

Offers Flexibility
Available with 1GigE and 10GigE optimized Kynetique systems; the embedded Packet Classification Engine provides a flexible platform for the classification of packets into user-customizable categories. This highly optimized appliance allows for packets belonging to specific categories to be handled differently, with each packet’s matching rule tag recorded for easy identification by analysis software. With options such as multiple network interfaces, including 1GigE and 10GigE, and powerful Intel Xeon 64 processors, Kynetique can be tailored to any organization’s requirements.

The Kynetique Advantage
Kynetique customizes the capabilities of best-of-breed industry standard hardware with the latest and most accurate packet capturing technologies and accelerated network interface modules, ensuring that every packet is made available to the analysis software. This 100% line-rate traffic capture delivers real-time processing with unprecedented power for any compatible traffic-analysis application.

How Does SPMN Work?

SPMN (Secured Private Mobile Network) provides the capability to deploy a remote, mobile tactical 3G/4G network in global locations where local providers do not; or in situations where remote network traffic on indigenous networks is not desirable. Delivered in different range and capacity configurations, SPMN includes the ability to backend through IP or satellite communications, linking a remote system to a private network backbone for secure communications in either steady state or on demand fashion. SPMN is an all-in-one transportable and ready-in-minutes network solution capable of supporting WCDMA / HSPA / HSPA+ and LTE in addition to GSM and CDMA. By delivering multiple access technologies and streamlining the network through an IP-based architecture, SPMN provides armed forces and governmental agencies with the most compact, adaptable and cost-effective platform for deploying, extending, and evolving mobile networks. The robust capability set, compact form factor, and cost-effectiveness of SPMN enable a broad range of deployment scenarios for emergency management, armed forces, peacekeeping missions, etc… Scalable to support from one to ten base station sites. Supports 1-5km radius and 2-50 simultaneous users. The SPMN has an integrated HLR / HSS that houses the subscribers’ profiles for validation. Specifications

  1. 3G WCDMA / HSPA
  2. 4G HSPA+, LTE
  3. GSM / GPRS / EDGE
  4. CDMA / 1xRTT / EV-DO

  1. UMSC / MSC / VLR
  2. GGSN / SGSN
  3. MME / SAE Gateway
  4. HLR / HSS, AuC / AC / AAA
  5. SMSC / MMSC
  6. RNC, NodeB, eNodeB, BSC, BTS

  1. Packet Data Services
  2. Multi-Media Messaging Services
  3. Voice services
  4. Short Messaging Services

  1. Standards-based 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  2. Standards-based SIP / VoIP
  3. Standards-based T1 / E1

  1. WCDMA – 850, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100
  2. LTE – 700, 2500, 3600
  3. GSM – 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  4. CDMA – 450, 800, 1800, 1900, 2100

  1. Omni or multi-sector
  2. Pico / Micro / Macro
  3. Milli-watts up to 20 watts Output

  1. AC Power - 120-240 VAC
  2. DC Power - 48 VDC

  1. Self-Organizing Network (SON)
  2. Platform-Independent User Interface
  3. Local or Centralized Management
  4. Fully Operational in 30 minutes

How Does IntellJam Work?

IntellJam is a highly advanced integrated system that includes software defined radios, computing power, and software programming that interrogates all mobile phones within a target area. The current capability of IntellJam allows for the collection of mobile phone information without the knowledge or required permission of the mobile service providers, or the knowledge or permission of the owner of the mobile phone. IntellJam operates in stealth mode, without any possibility of being discovered. It can be rapidly deployed or left in a fixed location to collect the mobile phone intelligence. The ability to obtain each mobile phones dynamics and static information provides for the unique identification of a mobile phone, or many mobile phones in a targeted area. This makes the IntellJam an important weapon in the curtailing of mobile phone communications by criminals.

Identification Capability:
  1. Serial number of the mobile phone ( IMEI or ESN)
  2. Serial number of the SIM card ( IMSI / MIN)
  3. The association between the above gathered information
  4. Origin and name of the mobile phone users service provider ( Country and Carrier)
  5. Make and model of the mobile phone
  6. Location of the mobile phone
  7. IDen / GSM / CDMA ( CDMA 2000) protocols ( ALL )
  8. Worldwide operation in all bands

Functional Capabilities:
  1. Text messaging capture
  2. Unsubscribe the mobile phone from network
  3. Ring mobile phone
  4. Capture every mobile phone in a given target area
  5. Discriminatingly allow white listed mobile phones to remain active while black listed are shut down
  6. Alarm when targeted mobile phone is found
  7. Directionally located mobile phone within target beam.
  8. Spoofing: Target mobile phone receives text or call from phone number entered by operator.
  9. Optional Listening and text monitoring.

Uses for IntellJam include:
  1. Police and armed force teams for controlling communication during raids or hostage situations
  2. Secure Government and Military buildings (Embassies, military bases, and any other high sensitive security area)
  3. Bomb squads used to prevent detonation of bombs
  4. Corporations requiring secure environments free from mobile phone security leaks
  5. Emergency responder teams to locate people in stressed situations or lost
  6. Correctional facility control of contraband mobile phones by inmates
  7. Etc…